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Great for Driving or Studying! It is also great music to include in your short films because there are no royalties required; simply include a credit for the music. 



Welcome to the melodies bouncing through my brain! Many people have been asking how to download songs from the loop videos I've been posting. Here is a compilation CD of the tunes from over this last year. 



This album was recorded live at the Drive-In, Sacramento, California. Abandon Theory performed until the sunset and the movies began. This is a great representation of what we really sound like. Although 4 studio albums have been recorded, this latest endeavor has truly captured the energy and entertainment Abandon Theory brings to a show.



This is Abandon Theory's first studio album titled, No Such Thing. It was recorded after I met three other like-minded musicians at the open mics in Sacramento, CA. The band could only afford a two day studio session and managed to record each tune with me playing acoustic guitar & singing, John Bellizia was on Banjo & Bass, Randy Aldred on Drums, and Dale Stromberg played electric guitar.



A three piece version of Abandon Theory,As Perfection is the band's second album and is acoustic rock fused with folk and reggae. With the loss of Dale (he moved to Japan), the group decided to continue on and perform as a three-piece with bassist John, drummer Randy, and me singing and playing the acoustic guitar. This album was recorded in the same fashion as the first, with a two day recording spree at Sketch Pad Recording studios. 


 JAM BAND - Listen 

All kinds of fun instruments and solos with a variety of musical styles including rock, reggae, funk, folk. Delivering more variety than the first two CDs combined; this recording features me on vocals & rhythm guitar, Rudy Paiva on drums, Jim Holden on bass, Eric Sutton on the electric, and John Bellizia on banjo & percussion.



Acoustic arrangement with mostly a guitar and one or two back up instruments. The entire 13 song album was recorded over a two year period with me playing acoustic guitar/vocals and John on Banjo, acoustic guitar, and other unusual instruments. It's a more laid-back version of Abandon Theory, perfect for relaxing around a campfire.



"My Loop Pedal performance suits all venues and events from mellow instrumental to raucous celebrations. I take popular songs and makes them my own, drawing upon all styles of music, from rock and pop, to reggae, folk and gypsy jazz, to soul and funk."

Loop Pedal Music